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Hello Website has a fixed and recurring price for the website builder and the add-ons, and fixed and one-off payments for many of our services.
For some services you should request a price quotation, so we can arrange an honest price for your flexible job.

Website Builder Yearly billing
Do-It-Yourself Website Builder EUR 17,- a month
Add-ons Yearly billing
Forms (price per form) EUR 5,- a month
Shop (price for one shop) EUR 11,- a month
Videos (unlimited videos) * EUR 7,- a month
Blog (price for one blog) EUR 5,- a month
Extras Yearly billing
Extra storage (1 GB) * EUR 3,- a month
Extra email address EUR 5,- a month
.NL domain name FREE with the Website Builder
Other domain names EUR 1,- a month
Special domain names ** EUR 3,- to 7,- a month
Link your existing domain name? minus EUR 1,- a month

* You can add as many videos as you want, within the default file storage space that comes with the Website Builder (2 GB). This storage space is shared by your photos, your videos, and your email messages/attachments. The default storage space is more than enough for an average website.
** Don't know if your desired domain name is a special domain name? Get in contact and we will find out immediately what it costs. Since there are hundreds of domain extensions (with varying prices), it's impossible to give an upfront cost.


For most of our Style- and Story Services we have bundles with fixed prices. Check out the related pages for their prices.

For our other services, Hello Website makes price quotations based on an hourly rate of EUR 69,- (ex. VAT). Don't hesitate to request a price quotation for your web job, we round our time down to 10 minute intervals, not to hours. That way, we can also offer your company a sharp price.

Do the math, solid software and remote web services are the best option for starting a business.