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Hello Website is internet friendly

Hello Website likes to call itself 'internet friendly'. We can't really explain what this means, but we definitely know what it looks like. Here are some examples of things we do (or don't) to be 'internet friendly'.

No tracking of visitors, so no cookie wall

Hello Website doesn't track visitors - like almost every other website on the internet does nowadays. This is not only in itself a good thing for mankind, it's also visibly good for every individual visitor because there is no annoying cookie wall. Yes, you read that right... no cookie wall, at all.

Hello Website just counts visits and visitors, which is way more friendly than tracking users all over the internet. And you as a website owner still have an accurate insight in your general visitor base.

Fast and lightweight with proven techniques

Have you noticed how computers became very fast the last decade? Have you also noticed how loading a simple website became way slower at the same time? A lot of modern websoftware builds on layers and layers of other software (too make lives of developers easier, not your life) so it becomes bloathed, fat and slow.

Hello Website tackles that by using the most lightweight techniques that also happen to have proven themselves over the years. Result: very fast and reliable websites.

Less software dependencies, more freedom

Being dependent on third party software also has other risks. What if this other software stops working, or stops working the way you want, doesn't get updated, or the company behind it turns evil and misuses all your data without you even knowing? It's easy to connect yet another piece of third party software when everything works as expected... until it doesn't.

We keep a strict eye out for the (third party) software we are dependent on, and try to bring it to a minimum. Some third party software has functions we need, so we rewrite them for ourselves as a custom solution.

Blocking form spam and detecting bots

Evil? Nah... Annoying? Hell yeah! Spam and bots come with the territory of the internet. But getting spam e-mails from your own contactform or bots poisoning your visitor counters, that's not something you want. Your website is there to interact with people, not with computers pretending to be real people.

Behind the scenes, Hello Website invented some smart techniques to block form spam and ban bots from your visitor counter. So no disappointments when you get e-mail, and always accurate insight in your visitors.

Cancel if you need and export your data

Hello Website comes without strings attached. You can cancel any time and take your data and domain name with you. Your data is yours. Let's say you have a year subscription, then you can take all your website content and your domain name immediately with you if you cancel halfway the year. We can't refund any fees for a year subscription, but we do offer a monthly subscription instead. It's slightly pricier per month, but you can cancel any month without risking money.

Individual websites on an open internet

Hello Website thinks the freedom and openness of the internet with individual websites is something to be cherished. It's one of mankind's most beautiful inventions and Hello Website is proud to actively work on maintaining this. We think all people should have their own homepage, not just meaningless usernames on platforms that come and go. You are the internet.
We started out by building the best website system for starting entrepreneurs and small organizations. But we have more plans (coming soon).

Alignment of interest between toolmaker and user

Our business model is pretty simple. We offer tools and services, you pay for it. No weird triangulation wherein you get a free product and the toolmaker sells your data to someone else without you even knowing about it. With Hello Website you just get a clear deal.
Besides 1) making a good product 2) to make you happy 3) so we get paid, we have an extra incentive: we deeply care about the internet in general and websites in particular. We don't make tools to have a product to sell, we want the tools to be solid and full of purpose. Welcome to Hello Website.