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Style Services

Basic Style Service - styling your website for you

The website builder has endless possibilities for your style. We understand that it might be hard to come up with a good design all by yourself. That's why we can help you discover the best design for your website, using all the design options the website builder has to offer.

If you came up with a design by using our color creator, you experienced firsthand how many color options you have for backgrounds and texts. Let alone if all the other design options come in the mix when you started using your free trial. You have options like shadows/glows, borders, corners, custom background images, etc.

This is what we can do for you, for a fixed price of EUR 109,-:

  • Based on your input, we design around three designs for your website using the built-in website builder.
  • You can choose a direction for the design, and then we can refine it in two rounds of corrections.
  • Your new design is immediately visible on your website.

You can give us input for creating your website design by providing us with logos or styles you like, with sketches or descriptions, with examples of beautiful websites, we can even arrange a phone or video call so you can explain in person how you want your new design to look.

Custom Style Service - designing a logo and a topbar

If you want to customize your website so it becomes really yours, we can design a logo for your business. At the same time we use this logo for a custom topbar for your website. In combination with the right color scheme and other style effects, your website becomes uniquely yours.

This is what we can offer you for EUR 219,-:

  • You give us some tips about what you like - or you give us artistic freedom to create something fresh - and we come up with a design direction for your logo and topbar.
  • You give us feedback and we fine-tune your logo. We do this for two rounds of corrections.
  • Eventually you have a digital logo. We put your logo already in the topbar, together with a custom background image. You can also use your logo as an e-mail signature, or in documents and presentations.

Full Custom Style Service - designing a logo, a topbar, a background image and a visual identity

Go fully custom with a background image specially made for your website. We can enrich your visual identity, on your website and beyond. We come up with some choices for a background image and some design elements for your visual identity. You choose a direction and in two rounds of corrections we finish a completely custom design for your website.

For EUR 369,- you get:

  • a logo
  • a topbar
  • a background image
  • a style direction for your visual identity, with some custom design elements

Other style services from Hello Website
Basically, we can provide you with all kinds of visual design. Here are some more services:

  • logo design
  • visual identity (accompanying colorschemes, fonts, and background images)
  • designing and creating infographics
  • editing photos
  • designing all kinds of images, for use in print or online
  • designing your e-book cover
  • making images for the inside of your e-book
  • create your e-mail signature
  • design your business cards
  • make envelopes and letter headers
  • design your car stickers
  • create print for t-shirts and other textile
  • design the cover for your paperback or hardcover book
  • creating flyers, cards, folders, magazines, etc.
  • design your packaging
  • style your digital documents, presentations, etc.
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