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Story Services

Hello Website can help you with anything textwise. Text forms a big part of the communication of your business story. It's never text alone, but the internet was and is a textual medium.

Text is easy to consume, but harder to produce. We understand that you can use some help sometimes, especially with your first website. Hello Website offers the following story services for a fixed price:

  • we interview you and write the first texts for your website
  • together we make a content calendar for you to follow
  • together we make a plan for smart use of social media

We can also act as an editor for your e-book (or printed paperback and hardcover). Did you know we can design the cover, back and inside of your books as well!?

First version of your website text
This is probably the hardest part of starting a website, just getting the first words on a screen. We've been there ourselves and we understand you. Let us take a look at you, your business, talk with you and ask questions, look at your website from a visitor-perspective and come up with solid and clear texts that give you a head start.

Content calendar for the first months of having your website online
A piece of printed paper is done, a website is never done. It's a living and breathing thing that only stays alive by regularly adding new good content, so your visitors look at an up-to-date website. A website that has something to tell.
Hello Website can help you make a plan for the next months that defines when, how and what you talk about. You might write about the reason for your business, give a lot of documentation on your products, keep a blog, show projects, learn your visitors something, etc. Together we form a plan that guides your writing for the next months. The purpose is to have content on your website so organic search engine traffic comes your way. But you can also use your new and existing content to breath some air in your social media presence, and grow your business this way.

Social media plan
The strategic use of social media extends your content calendar. Let us help you get active as a content producer on social media, so you can grow your audience, and your business. There is more than Facebook and Twitter when it comes to social media, way more. Hello Website can guide you through the jungle that is social media, and come up with a solid plan of action.

Hello Website can also assist you with finding, selecting and editing photos or images for your website.

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