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Self-publishing an e-book or paperback

E-book cover design (or printed paperback and hardcover)
No better way to share your knowledge with the world by publishing your own book. Hello Website offers ways to sell your e-books without paying all kinds of stupid fees to people who do nothing for you, or even charge you a premium price for your own book. With Hello Website you can start self-publishing and sell your books directly to your audience. Make the web work for you!

You can sell digital goods (like your e-book) with our webshop. And to make your e-book or paperback (or hardcover) ready for sale, we can design the cover, back and inside of your book for you.

Our services for publishing your book:

  • design the cover and back of your e-book or printed book
  • find, select and edit photos/images for the inside of your (e-)book
  • act as an editor for your book, so it has a second-opinion on clarity and readability
  • point you to the right online print company for your country, and guide you with your choices regarding the printing side of self-publishing
Hello Website