Hello Website - Videos of the website builder at work
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Hello Website

Videos of the website builder at work

A series of short videos that explain how the website builder works.

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The following videos show you how to:

  • Login to your website builder and hide/show buttons.
  • Create pages and position them in the different navigation menus.
  • Style your website exactly how you want, quick and easy all by yourself.
  • Add and markup your texts with bold, italic, links, quotes and lists.
  • Upload images and videos the easy way. They always look good, on any device.
  • View your visit and visitor statistics, without spying on people.
Login and show/hide the buttons. You can switch quickly between the website builder, and your website as everybody else sees it. Music by Benjamin Tissot
You have unlimited design possibilities, and you can do it all by yourself. Give your website your own unique style with our do-it-yourself website builder. Music by Benjamin Tissot
Create a new page, publish it, and move it to the subnavigation menu. Easily create a concept page and publish it whenever you are ready. Music by Benjamin Tissot
Markup rich texts and add them to your page. Make it bold, italic, or create a link, put it in a list, etc. Changing, deleting and moving a text are also very easy. Music by Benjamin Tissot
Just upload images, they get nicely into place by default. Change the display of your image, make a new cutout, add a caption, make it zoomable/clickable, etc. Music by Benjamin Tissot
Get a useful insight in visit and visitor behavior, without tracking or spying on people. It's an accurate and honest tool that's freely included in the website builder. Music by Benjamin Tissot

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